So… Wow. Busy week. For example, Donald Trump won the election.

Now, this website is a resource for directors, producers, actors, casting directors, cinephiles, and more, and our mission is to help those people bring their dream projects to fruition. Hopefully in some small part, our weekly blog listings of entertainment industry news, articles, and essays inspire our readers to keep working at their filmmaking, their acting, their writing, or whatever creative pursuit they are aiming for. As Film Independent President Josh Welsh said, “Independent film is a critical part of our culture, giving voice to people who are often not heard.”

So please browse this week’s good reads. Maybe one of these links will provide you the push, the spark, or the inspiration you need to add your unique, diverse, and possibly unheard voice to the filmmaking world and beyond.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of November 7, 2016)

AFM Indie Director Roundtable: Ewan McGregor, Josh Kriegman and 4 More on Financing Films and Handling Actors (via Scott Roxborough for The Hollywood Reporter)
Heavy-hitting directors from American Film Market share insight and advice on their craft.

MovieMaker’s 2017 Guide to DIY Digital Distribution: Our Fifth Annual VOD Overview (via Erin Trahan for MovieMaker Magazine)
Learn the landscape of self-distribution in the digital world.

No Budget, No Problems? Intellectual Property Challenges for Film Production Start-Ups (via Adam Litwin for Filmmaker Magazine)
Launching a new production? Get your legal ducks in a row to protect yourself and your project.

Casting Directors and the Academy: Why Lynn Stalmaster’s Honorary Oscar Matters (via Chris O’Falt for IndieWire)
Celebrating a too-often-ignored profession.

Invasion Of The Big-Brained Sci-Fi Blockbuster! (via Adam B. Vary for BuzzFeed)
A new crop of filmmakers are making Sci-Fi more ambitious than ever.

How YouTube Can Prep You for a Big-Budget Set (via Molly Eichel for Backstage)
Transitioning from low-budget shorts to full-length features in the new media space.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Filmmaker Interview: Anna Biller, writer/director/producer of The Love Witch
The auteur talks with us about her seven-years-in-the-making film.


New Releases

Movies from our November Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

RIP Leonard Cohen. Your songs (one in particular) will always be remembered in movies. And TV. And commercials. And award shows… (via Fandor Keyframe)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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