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This Week’s Good Reads (Week of July 4, 2016)

Confessions of a cult classic junkie: I’ve never seen Kevin Smith’s movies (until now) (via Karen Rought for Hypable)
A rookie’s dive into the View Askewniverse.

Asians (Including Me) Invade The Academy! (via Mynette Louie)
The prolific producer behind Gamechanger Films on her new status as an Oscar voter.

In Case You Still Needed Proof That Stanley Kubrick Didn’t Fake the Moon Landing (via Matt Miller for Esquire)
Francis Ford Coppola on the other hand…

How to Make a Civil War Movie on a Shoestring Budget (via Mekado Murphy for The New York Times)
Grab a musket and learn how to guerilla film a re-enactment battle.

How Diversity Initiatives Are Changing the Film Industry (via Anthony Kaufman for IndieWire)
Inside the non-profits and grant programs providing opportunities for new filmmaking voices.

Best of frenemies: why do men make moves about women in meltdown? (via Steve Rose for The Guardian)
From Mulholland Drive to Queen of Earth, what inspires these female-centric psychological dramas?

Why the second movie is the biggest hurdle to becoming a filmmaker – especially for women and minorities (via Rebecca Keegan for Los Angeles Times)
A look into the filmmaking sophomore slump.

The Dissolve (2013-2015): One Year Later (via Douglas Laman for The Solute)
A reminiscence of the film writing website on the year anniversary of its closure.

UPDATED to include:
How The Neon Demon‘s “Failure” Reveals a Major Problem in Indie Film (via Alex Ross Perry for The Talkhouse)
Speaking of Queen of Earth, the writer/director talks about how an outdated release strategy has wrongly labeled Nicolas Winding Refn’s new film a box-office bomb.


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Stop: Award-winning short film from filmmaker Reinaldo Marcus Green (via The Scene)

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