This was a week of celebration: Our country had a birthday and SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP reached a tentative agreement that avoided a strike (new P&H alert! 17.5%). There was some other stuff happening in the film world, too. We’ve collected a few choice stories below.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of July 3, 2017)

SAG-AFTRA Reaches Tentative Agreement on TV/Theatrical Contracts (via SAG-AFTRA)
Get the details on the new contracts.

Hollywood Has a Bad-Movie Problem (via David Sims for The Atlantic)
Don’t blame Rotten Tomatoes for tentpole exhaustion.

7 Secrets to Successful Cinematography from Master DP Ellen Kuras (via Liz Nord for No Film School)
The eyes behind Eternal Sunshine offers some tips.

Contrarian Views on Artist Support (via Brian Newman for Sub-Genre Media)
Should nonprofits focus less on financing movies and more on distributing them?

Below the Line Talent Agent Maureen Toth on Staffing Hollywood’s Secret Heroes (via Kelle Long for Where to Watch)
Agents: They’re not just for movie stars!

Reddit Users Find Themselves In A Wes Anderson Movie (via Amelia Emberwing for Birth. Movies. Death.)
Quirky, colorful, and symmetrical buildings are all around us.

The Writers Store Farewell – Over 30 Years of Inspiring Screenwriters (via Katiedid Langrock for Script)
A semi-secret Hollywood institution closes its doors.

UPDATED to include:
Luc Besson’s Outer Limits
(via Adam Rogers for Wired)
How the French filmmaker made his biggest movie yet without a Hollywood studio.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

SAGindie’s July ’17 Movie Picks
Summer movies that got us hyped for July.

From Stage to Screen: An interview with The Woodsman director Nicole Kassell
From the indieBlog Archive: Kassell talks adapting a stage play into the Spirit Award-nominated drama starring Kevin Bacon.


New Releases

Movies from our July Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

Michel Gondry made a short film for Apple using an iPhone (via Apple UK)

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