Maybe you’re one of our fellow nerds at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, but even if you’re not spending hours standing in neverending convention hall lines, you can still waste a few minutes perusing our weekly listing of entertainment industry good reads.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of July 16, 2018)

A Face in the Crowd: Jim Cummings is Bringing Down the Gates for Filmmakers By Opening the Doors to a Short to Feature Lab (via Stephen Saito for The Moveable Fest)
A chat with the Sundance and SXSW winner who is using his success to help up-and-coming filmmakers.

How The Skate Kitchen Went From An All-Girl Skate Crew To Starring In A Major Motion Picture (via Leland Ware for The Berrics)
Rachelle Vinberg on how her skating crew morphed into an acting troupe.

How the “Perfect Kit” Can Sabotage Filmmakers (via Benjamin Holland for cinema5D)
Having all the newest and shiniest camera equipment might not be worth all the trouble (or money).

A Sense of Place: The Job of the Location Manager (via Matt Mulcahey for Filmmaker Magazine)
How to make Atlanta look like Puerto Rico, and other location quandaries faced by Brian M. O’Neill.

What is a Pitch Deck and Why Should You Create One? (via Nick Sadler for Script Magazine)
Sell your movie like a character from Mad Men.

Be Everywhere All At Once: The Ultimate Guide To Festivals, Online, And Your Short Film Release (via Andrew S. Allen for Short of the Week)
Not sure how to get your short film out into the world? This super-informative guide will help you.

Film and TV Tax Credit Battle Heats Up Across U.S. (via Jonathan Handel for The Hollywood Reporter)
With New Jersey entering the game, here’s the current status of film tax credits.

Welcome to Nashville: The New Scoring Destination (via Jon Burlingame for Variety)
Why filmmakers with tight budgets are taking their music-related business to Tennessee.


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Film critics on the importance of bringing more voices into the fold (via Los Angeles Times)

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