There’s a heatwave approaching on the West Coast, which means taking shelter in air-conditioned movie theaters might be your best course of action. But if you’re interested in reading about movies, instead of just watching them, we have gone that extra mile to provide some of the week’s best entertainment industry news.

Stay cool (in the physical temperature sense but also in general).

Good Reads for the week of August 10, 2015

Jim Hemphill (The Trouble with the Truth) Talks the Pleasures of Blumhouse’s Straight-to-VOD Movies
(via The Talkhouse)
An appreciation for the lesser-known films of the low-budget production powerhouse.

In Praise of Directing on a Low Budget (via Elliot Grove for Raindance)
Some of the perks of simplifying your production.

Mountain Men: Bexar Country Filmmakers Blake Pickens and Stephen Love at the Sundance Creative Producing Lab (via Filmmaker Magazine)
An insider’s account of the Sundance filmmaker retreat.

The Gerwigification of Noah Baumbach (via Scott Tobias for Slate)
How collaborating with “indie queen” Greta Gerwig has softened Noah Baumbach’s cynicism.

Jon Watts, Director of Cop Car, Rocketing to Hollywood From a Viral Video
(via Mekado Murphy for The New York Times)
Turns out going from indie film to superhero franchise all starts with pranking Eli Roth on YouTube.

Guest Post: Making Period Films on a Budget and the Importance of Authentic Casting
(via Maggie Greenwald for Women and Hollywood)
How finding the perfect actors helped set the period for Sophie and the Rising Sun.

How Rocky Horror Became a Cinematic Institution (via Jennifer Latson for Time)
On the 40th Anniversary of the ultimate cult movie’s premiere.


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