Life is busy – you’re prepping your Oscar speech, springing your clock forward, and kissing someone ’cause they’re Irish (and ’cause they consented). It can be tough to stay up-to-date on all the latest film industry news, profiles, analysis, and advice. That’s why we’ve curated some essential reads you may have missed over the past month. So take some time to catch up with this month’s good reads!


This Month’s Good Reads (March 2023)

Bad Projection Is Ruining the Movie Theater Experience (via Lane Brown for Vulture)
The real problem with the reels.

Love and Cinema: Janet and John Pierson (via Richard Whittaker for The Austin Chronicle)
A tribute to “indie cinema’s fairy godparents.”

Manual Labors (via David Bordwell for Obseravtions on Film Art)
On the early days of screenwriting manuals.

How To Run a DIY Oscar Campaign (via Dan Mirvish for Filmmaker Magazine)
How to To Leslie yourself.

Will Visual Effects Workers Unionize? (via Alex N. Press for Jacobin)
Fake alien spaceships; real workers’ uprising.

How a Tiny Texas Town Set the Stage For One of the Biggest Oscars Battles Ever (via A.A. Dowd for Chron)
When There Will Be Blood and No Country for Old Men came to Marfa, Texas.

The Disabled Villain: Why Sensitivity Reading Can’t Kill Off This Ugly Trope (via Jan Grue for The Guardian)
Bad optics for bad guys.

“Trauma, Trauma, Trauma!”: Filmmaker Beth B Finally Gets Her Flowers (via Caitlin Lent for Interview Magazine)
The NYC experimental filmmaker isn’t done yet.

What’s in a Name? Inside the Art and Science of Crafting the Perfect Movie Title (via Rebecca Rubin for Variety)
How to name your (film) baby.

The Self-Tape Controversy: Six Actors Speak About What Makes It So Maddening (Yet At The Same Time Strangely Convenient) (via Lynette Rice for Deadline)
The good, the bad, the self-tape.

Welcome to the No-Budget Era (via Max Cea for Esquire)
The new microbudget mavericks of Hollywood.

The Unlikely Prescience of Spring Breakers (via Sam Moore for Little White Lies)
Reflections on the 10 year anniversary of A24’s first hit.

Cinema’s Cosmic Shifts (via Ruby Rich for Film Quarterly)
An op-ed on the state of the industry.

Why Are Movies So Dark These Days? (via A.B. Allen for Polygon)
Get enlightened on a cinematography issue.

SAG-AFTRA, the DGA, IATSE, Teamsters and the Hollywood Basic Crafts Announce COVID-19 Safety Agreement to Expire May 11, 2023 (via SAG-AFTRA)
The last update of COVID protocols.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

2023 Film Independent Spirit Awards – Winners
See who took home the top prizes at this year’s Spirits.

Filmmaker Interview: Liz Cardenas, producer of Acidman
We talked to the prolific filmmaker/actor about her newest project.


A video worth watching

A very real actor’s roundtable (via The Hollywood Recorder)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this month?


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