Life is busy – actor/critic beef, actor/actor-director beef, fan/actor’s-extended-family beef. It can be tough to stay up-to-date on all the latest film industry news, profiles, analysis, and advice. That’s why we’ve curated some essential reads you may have missed over the past month. So take some time to catch up with this month’s good reads!


This Month’s Good Reads (August 2022)

Why Warner Bros. Killed Batgirl: Inside the Decision Not to Release the DC Movie (via Adam B. Vary & Brent Lang for Variety)
Not even superhero movies are safe in these streets.

Inside Hollywood’s Visual Effects Crisis (via Drew Magary for Defector)
DC’s canceling movies, Marvel’s screwing over their VFX artists. The superhero industrial complex is acting wild.

Why Hollywood Keeps Getting Abortion Wrong (via Alissa Wilkinson for Vox)
What research found about on-screen depictions of abortion.

Aubrey Plaza is the Low-Key Movie Star for Our Times (via Stephanie Zacharek for Time)
From Ingrid Goes West to Emily the Criminal, examining the big-screen career of the actor/producer.

DuArt: The Young Brothers and Their Family of Filmmakers (via Nicolas Rapold for Metrograph)
An oral history of the famed NYC film processing lab.

Mary Alice Was, Is, and Always Will Be (via Maya Cade for Black Film Archive)
A rememberance of the Tony Award-winning actor.

ADR in Film: Everything You Need to Know About the Process (via Alyssa Miller for Backstage)
Dub step-by-step.

Academy Apologizes to Sacheen Littlefeather for Her Mistreatment at the 1973 Oscars (via Rebecca Sun for The Hollywood Reporter)
Long overdue amends for the actor/activist.

The Year of Michelle Yeoh (via Amy Nicholson for Town & Country)
The icon status of the action star/Bond Girl/Everything Everywhere All at Once lead.

Gregg Araki Was ‘Born at the Exact Right Moment’ to Ignite ’90s Queer Punk Rock Cinema (via Jude Dry for IndieWire)
Fire Island director Andrew Ahn interviews the New Queer Cinema groundbreaker.

The Cult of A24 (via Nate Jones for Vulture)
They’ve got movies and merch and, perhaps most importantly… stans?

Insurrectional Evolution: The Cronenbergian Revisited (via Nathan Lee for Art Papers)
Contextualizing the works of David Cronenberg.

With Tár, Todd Field Returns to Directing. Where Has He Been? (via Kyle Buchanan for The New York Times)
Catching up with the In the Bedroom and Little Children filmmaker, 16 years after his last film.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Filmmaker Interview: Owen Kline, writer/director of Funny Pages
We talked with the actor-turned-filmmaker about his comics-centric feature debut.


A video worth watching

A refresher on fishy studio accounting (via Today I Found Out)

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