Life is busy. With the WGA on strike, it can be tough to stay up-to-date on all the other latest film industry news, profiles, analysis, and advice. That’s why we’ve curated some essential reads you may have missed over the past month. So take some time to catch up with this month’s good reads! (Also, RIP MTV News!)


This Month’s Good Reads (May 2023)

Hollywood Thinks It Can Divide and Conquer the Writers’ Strike. It Won’t Work (via James Schamus for The Guardian)
An Oscar-nominated filmmaker’s take on the strike.

Running a Movie Theater Is More Expensive Than You Can Possibly Imagine (via Brian Welk for IndieWire)
The big bucks needed for the big screen.

Writers Strike Dos and Don’ts for Pre-WGA Writers, Explained by the WGA (via Tim Molloy for MovieMaker Magazine)
How to not be a scab.

Adèle Haenel Quits Acting, Writes Scathing Letter on French Film Industry Protecting Rapists (via Kylie Cheung for Jezebel)
Portrait of a Lady Fed Up with Bullshit.

From the Multiplex to the “Microcinema” (via Nicolas Pedrero-Setzer for Shoe Leather Magazine)
As giant movie theaters shutter, a look back at when moviegoing went micro.

AI in the Arts Is the Destruction of the Film Industry. We Can’t Go Quietly (via Justine Bateman for Newsweek)
The actor/filmmaker shares her thoughts on the impending threat of AI.

What Did It Feel Like to Receive the Longest Standing Ovation at Cannes? (via Gabriella Paiella for GQ)
Guillermo del Toro on his record-setting French applause break.

What Does It Mean to Be a Successful Working Actor? Probably Not What You Think (via Ada Tseng for Los Angeles Times)
Actors: more than just celebrities!

Without Kenneth Anger, We Might Not Have Beautiful Weirdos Like David Lynch or John Waters (via Joe Hoeffner for Collider)
A remembrance of the late experimental filmmaker and his artistic influence.

Walt Disney Cheated His Animators Out of Profits — And Their Strike Changed the World (via Toussaint Egan for Polygon)
Hey, speaking of strikes! Revisit the history of animation’s post-Snow White work stoppage.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

Cannes Film Festival 2023 Recap
Industry roundtable highlights and award-winners from the 2023 Festival de Cannes.


A video worth watching

In case anyone needed a reminder about the importance of writers, listen to Charlie Kaufman (via WGA West)

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