We do our best each week to highlight some of the most interesting news stories that had the entertainment industry buzzing, and 2015 sure had its share of memorable moments: Patricia Arquette and Jennifer Lawrence speaking out against gender inequality in Hollywood, Spike Lee and Aziz Ansari speaking out against racial inequality in Hollywood, Viola Davis speaking out against gender and racial inequality in Hollywood. Are you sensing a theme here? Diversity was by far the most pertinent news issue of the entertainment year, and we can only hope that everything will be solved in 2016! (That’s bound to happen, right?)

But instead of focusing on just one topic, we combed through various news articles, blog posts, think pieces, and hot takes pertinent to indie filmmakers and actors, and listed some of our favorite reads of 2015 below.

(Also, RIP The Dissolve and Grantland).

This Year’s Good Reads

How Sundance Exposes Hollywood’s White-Guy Problem
by Kyle Buchanan for Vulture, February 3

The Nerd Hunter
by Stephen Rodrick for The New Yorker, April 6

The Microcrewery: An Indie Guide to Designating Efficient Crew Positions
by Paul Osborne for MovieMaker Magazine, June 24

The Truth About Piracy And Indie Film
by Joey Keeton for The Daily Dot, June 29

Nine Answers for Anxious Film Investors
by Gill Holland and Tim Kirkman for Filmmaker Magazine, July 16

Relativity’s Downfall And The Hard Road For Second-String Film Studios
by Scott Mendelson for Forbes, July 30

How Can Middle-Class Filmmakers Make a Living?
by William Dickerson for Indiewire, October 26

Nighthawks At The Cinema: How Misfits Lost the Midnight Movie
by Keith Phipps for The Verge, October 28

The Women of Hollywood Speak Out
by Maureen Dowd for The New York Times Magazine, November 20


New Releases

Movies from our December Movie Picks that will release in the coming weeks:


A video worth watching

Producers of some of 2015’s biggest films talk about the art – and difficulty – of making movies.
(via The Hollywood Reporter)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this year?


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