In case you couldn’t make it to this year’s Ebertfest in Illinois, they have been so kind as to live-stream all their panels, including this one, chock full of amazing women in film (and featuring SAGindie’s very own Darrien Gipson). You can also read a recap of the panel over at RogerEbert.com.



  • Chaz Ebert


  • Darrien Michele Gipson (National Director, SAGindie)
  • Kasi Lemmons (writer/director, Eve’s Bayou)
  • Nancy Allen (actress, Blow Out)
  • Angela Allen (script supervisor, The Third Man)
  • Rebecca Parrish (director/cinematographer/editor, Radical Grace)
  • Nicole Bernardi-Reis (producer, Radical Grace)
  • Marcina Hale (Story Consultant, Disturbing the Peace)
  • Nell Minow (film critic, RogerEbert.com)
  • Jana Monji (writer, RogerEbert.com)
  • Sheila O’Malley (film critic, RogerEbert.com)
  • Rebecca Fisher (publicist)

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