Well, we survived. All of it: The Ides of March. Daylight Saving Time. Super Tuesday #2. Saint Patrick’s Day. SXSW (check back for a full recap next week). To celebrate our perseverance, we’ve gathered a list of film industry articles for you to spend your weekend reading. If you can get through this past week, you can get through anything.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of March 14, 2016)

For a Child Actor, the Tears Didn’t Come Until It Was Too Late (via Amy Sohn for The New York Times)
An audition story from a former child actor.

What I Learned Working on There Will Be Blood (via Michael Tyburski for The Talkhouse)
Confessions of a Paul Thomas Anderson P.A.

Supreme Court: 8 Potential Cases That Would Impact Entertainment and Media
(via Eriq Gardner for The Hollywood Reporter)
Even if for selfish filmmaking reasons, you should care about the current Supreme Court vacancy.

Here’s why Straight Outta Compton had different Facebook trailers for people of different races
(via Nathan McAlone for Business Insider)
A look at a new form of online race-targeted marketing.

John Goodman Is America’s Greatest Supporting Actor (via Walt Hickey for FiveThirtyEight)
Looking at statistics to find Hollywood’s #1 #2 actor.

Krisha: How a Home Movie Became an Indie Film Sensation (via David Ehrlich for Rolling Stone)
The family drama that inspired the buzzy new film.

Here’s What Happens When Your Dream Filmmaking Job Ends Up Being a Nightmare (via Scott Beggs for Indiewire)
Until you actually see your movie up on the big-screen, there’s always a chance it can fall apart.


New Releases

Movies from our March Movie Picks out this week:


A video worth watching

President Obama Keynote Speech (via SXSW)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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