I know it’s been a while since the indieBlog has been updated. We’ve just been so busy here…there’s always something, you know? It’s so exhausting! But here I am, with the hotly anticipated return of the blog. That’s dedication.

ANYWAY, I bet all seven of you that read this are really excited to know that last night DMG and I had our third date. (And you know what that means!) We went to Filmmaker’s Alliance VisionFest 2006. They celebrated their ninth year last night with a special award for Werner Herzog (!!!) presented by the hilarious Zak Penn. Were I to have a disposable income, I’d hire him to introduce me before I entered a room. Actually, everyone who gave a speech last night did a great job – concise, entertaining and inspiring. After the speeches and the quick awards ceremony, the shorts program began.

I love shorts programs! It’s, like, the ideal cinematic situation for committment-phobes. Worried about liking a movie? Already decided that you don’t like the movie? Never fear! It’s over in 3 minutes! It’s like speed dating minus that weird desperation! Sometimes I think I might like shorts better than features, which is why I am super excited about The Palm Springs Film Festival next week.

When we left the theater, we were greeted by an incredible sight: tables upon tables of glorious food. You guys, this never gets old. You put your game face on, and it’s every person for themselves. As I sampled inhaled (let’s just be honest here) the food, I had to be grateful that no one at any of these functions knows or cares who I am (yet!), therefore making it safe(r) for me to eat like I do when no one is watching. Despite relishing (oooh, relish…) my anonymity, I’ll extend an invitation: the next time you’re out and you recognize me, standing in a corner, cramming sushi in my mouth with one hand, a whole wedge of brie with the second and guzzling my vodka/cranberry with the third, come say hi (instead of pointing and laughing). I’m actually somewhat nice and only moderately condescending. And I promise I won’t bite…unless you have food in your hands.

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