LAFF 2006: Stacked Parking Darkly

Last night, I finally got to see my first film of this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival (earlier this week I had to cancel my man date to see Undoing with Paul, in favor of hanging out with Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello. Paul was devastated, naturally, but...

LAFF 2006: What Killed the Poets?

Pity the poor filmmaker who must screen their film in a theater with no air conditioning for a crowd already grumpy about the heat. That’s what happened at the third and final screening of Mike Ott’s Analog Days yesterday. Watching this film in a stuffy...

LAFF 2006: Get Down Proper

One week into the Los Angeles Film Festival (with three days left), and I’m not sure which is funnier: Boys’ & Girls’ Guide to Getting Down, Paul Sapiano’s energetic and saucy how-to film, or the fact that The Eliza Hajek Hate Club has...

LAFF 2006: Intellectual Honesty

Last week I was quoted in an article in the LA Film Festival launch issue of Daily Variety. The issue was about all of the great talent filmmakers could find in Los Angeles, and I was there to talk about how the low budget contracts allow you to work with SAG talent...

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