Frequently Asked Questions

Filmmaker Questions

How long does the signatory process take? When should I start? Is there any way to expedite the process?
How do I get started?
This all sounds great! Send me the contract right away! I can’t wait to get started!
I am starting to shoot tomorrow and need to get an agreement today.
I can’t get anyone in the theatrical department to call me back and I’m starting production this weekend…
I’m a SAG-AFTRA Member and I want to produce my own film. If I’m the only SAG-AFTRA member out of the cast, do I have to get a signatory contract?
I have a related question. Is it true that if I am a producer on the film I can act in it without signing a SAG-AFTRA contract?
Can non-union actors and SAG-AFTRA members work in a production together?
What is Taft-Hartley?
Do I have to use union extras?
What’s that thing you guys have every second Thursday of the month? Is it free?
If I use SAG-AFTRA actors without an agreement will anything really happen to me?
My film is going straight to video/DVD. What, if any, contract do I need to file?
I'm a documentary filmmaker and want to use SAG-AFTRA actors for narration or reenactments. Can I hire them under a low-budget contract?
I need to find an audition space/DP/caterer/editing equipment/payroll company/etc. Do you have a list of resources for filmmakers?
If I live outside of NY/LA, whom do I call to become a signatory?
What does “No Consecutive Employment” mean?
What's considered an “overnight” location?
Do I need to feed my actors?
I don't have to pay overtime, right? Come on, be cool about it, this is an indie film!
What does P&H mean and do I have to pay it?
Can I pay my actors as self-employed freelancers with a 1099 tax form?
Do I need insurance?
I already shot my film non-union with several SAG-AFTRA actors in it. Now I have a distribution deal and I don’t want the actors to get in trouble. Can I sign the film after the fact?
I’m doing this internet thing, and I want to podcast it. Or maybe spin it out into a series of mobisodes. On second thought, I may want to sell it on iTunes. Then again, if YouTube comes calling, I may stream it. I’m not sure. But I definitely want to do something for the internet. I think.
I want to shoot a commercial/industrial/PSA under a Low Budget contract. Can I?
I'm outraged by the lack of diversity in movies and want to change things! Can you help me with this noble effort?
I shot a film under the Experimental Agreement a couple of years ago, but could never afford the upgrade. Now I see that you have the Ultra Low Budget agreement in place – I likes! Please, please, please tell me that I can grandfather my creaky Experimental Agreement into the super-sleek ULB!
I’m producing a NO budget movie. Really. I’m paying $20 for food. That’s it. I can’t afford to pay actors anything. Can’t I defer the pay? The cast is all my friends and they’re willing to do it for no money. Why is SAG-AFTRA ruining the chance for their members to get work?
What is the bond thing I heard about? How much is it, and what if I can’t pay it because it will exceed my budget?
Do actors get residuals for low budget films?
Hey, what’s this “union bug” thing I have to put in my credit roll? I never heard of this before!

Actor Questions

How do I get into SAG-AFTRA?
If I do a SAG-AFTRA student film, can I get into SAG-AFTRA/get a voucher?
I’m a member of SAG-AFTRA but I’ve been cast in a non-union film. How do I get a waiver?
I want to sign up for the actor’s workshop SAG-AFTRA offers to its members. Can I do that through you guys/is that the same thing as your workshops?
I really want to be an actor. How do I do that?
What’s the deal with the casting breakdown service? Where did it go?

General Questions

I need to find so-and-so’s agent.
I want to sign up for Conversations/Casting Access/Business events.
I like the cut of SAGindie's jib. Can we hang out? Can I see you? Let's be friends!
Wait... so SAGindie's NOT a department of SAG-AFTRA?

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