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Hello, friends. What a long, strange trip 2017 turned out to be. There were highs, there were lows, but most importantly there were movies. (For the record, we understand there were more important things in the world than movies, but c’mon, we all know why we’re here.) With the year coming to a close, we wouldn’t be a responsible film-industry-oriented website if we didn’t provide you with our FAVORITE FILMS OF 2017.

So take a dip into the mindset of the SAGindie staff and see which movies topped our individual lists. Until then, we’ll see you all in 2018!


Darrien’s Favorites:

I am, once again, reminded of how few movies I actually get to see every year. I did not see 10 movies that I can give “the best” to. However, here is my list:

My Best Movies of 2017

Films that may have made the list IF I had seen them:

Films that I saw, and liked, but… Best?


Eliza’s Favorites:

Favorite Films of 2017:

Favorite films I saw this year that aren’t from 2017:


Colin’s Favorites:

  • Dunkirk – Edge of my seat, unable to breathe, on a huge IMAX screen. Stunning.
  • Get Out – One of the few I saw more than once this year!
  • Good Time – Another edge-of-your seat pick. The cast kills it (special shoutout to Benny Safdie’s performance!)
  • Ingrid Goes West – A+ writing and performances. LA is satirized so perfectly/cringeworthingly.
  • The Lost City of Z – An old-fashioned adventure.
  • Donald Cried – Awkward comedic bliss.
  • The Big Sick – Super charming and relatable.
  • Most Beautiful Island – Compelling docu-style drama with great twists.
  • Happy Death Day – Up there with Scream and You’re Next as smart, original takes on the slasher genre.
  • Molly’s Game – I love a good poker movie and a good Jessica Chastain movie. This is both.
  • The Force – Great, non-preachy doc about the Oakland police department. Must-see.


Shefali’s Favorites:

My Top Picks for 2017:

  • Mudbound – My favorite part is the opening with all the different narrators’ stories woven in so well with each other!
  • Get Out – Daniel Kaluuya and Catherine Keener’s scene still haunts me.
  • The Florida Project – Still need to see Tangerine, but I really enjoyed Brooklynn Prince’s performance.
  • Lady Bird – Maybe this is showing my age too much — but I think Greta Gerwig portrayed senior year of high school in a relatable way that will speak to generations to come.
  • Ingrid Goes West – This movie was a wild ride and I was onboard from beginning to end. Didn’t see any of the twists. Also, a show-stealing performance by O’Shea Jackson Jr.
  • Colossal – A few friends of mine saw this as well and it wasn’t their favorite — but I thought the concept was really original and dealt with toxic masculinity in an interesting way.
  • The Big Sick – Still think the Pakistani women could have had bigger roles!! But I enjoyed the performances from both Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan. Also, shoutout to all the actors portraying Kumail’s family, they were the funniest part of the film for me.
  • Wonder Woman – I know it’s cheesy, but I really needed this in 2017.
  • Call Me By Your Name – I’m still in awe of how Timothée Chalamet made me want to punch him in Lady Bird, but then broke my heart in CMBYN. This kid’s got range! Also, Armie Hammer is as charming as ever.
  • Columbus – Slow at times, but visually stunning and the story felt original and moving. Also this film is further proving my theory that John Cho possibly has chemistry with everyone?

The ones that got away:

  • Good Time – I still can’t believe I didn’t get around to seeing Good Time. Based on my love for Get Out, Ingrid Goes West, and just high-anxiety-inducing films in general I know I would’ve loved it. I failed. But hopefully I can snag a screener over the holidays.
  • Girls Trip – Tiffany Haddish. ‘Nuff said. Hopefully will also see this over the holidays.
  • Princess Cyd – I love teenage girl coming of age stories!! Same as the other two <3


Michael’s Favorites:

I feel like I’ve yet to see a bunch of this year’s newer films but, so far, the top of my list are Get Out and The Florida Project. Both are gonna be hard to beat!



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