Seal_3Some days I’m just so damn happy that Al Gore invented the internet (with an able assist from that noted Alaskan braniac Ted Stevens). Not only can you find many useful things floating around out there in cyberspace – funny cat videos and glittery MySpace pages to name just two – but you can also find many unuseful things to help you kill time at work. You might also forward links to these unuseful things to your co-workers. Your boss might then receive these links and decide that one of these unuseful thing is actually useful after all, and direct you to utilize said thing in a blog post.

Following me so far? Good.

The unuseful useful thing is this nifty page, which features various image-generating apps that allow you to create, among other things, cassette tape images, 45 rpm record labels, funny George W. thought-balloons, and, as pictured, official-looking seals for work, home, or play.

Awesome, no? A few spare minutes to spend tweaking the easy-to-use interface, along with a willingness to bastardize a dead language in order to come up with an authoritative sounding motto*, are all you need to produce your own, extremely rad, seal.

Not, perhaps, unlike this:


*In this case, I’ve either cobbled together a rough approximation of "In Independent Film We Trust", or "Do Not Take On An Empty Stomach", I’m not sure which.

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