"New Guy" here.  That’s right.  I’m finally blogging.  So whatch yerselves all you LA-based whipper-snappers! Brooklyn’s in the houuuuuuuse!!

I registered for the IFP Market here yesterday and immediately bumped in to a number of my pals from Tribeca Film Festival where I work on a freelance basis as a Filmmaker Coordinator.  A few were registering and taking part in the first meetings and panels of the Market.  The informal drinks and band at night was filled mainly with filmmakers and was a nice, mellow way to start things off.  Tonight is the true opening night featuring "A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints" which I’m looking forward to, followed by a partaaaay.

Unfortunately I didn’t see our illustrious leader Obermeisterfuhrer Bales there last night.  I can only assume he was already out wandering the streets of Red Hook looking for tail.  Little does he know, NYC ain’t what it used to be.

Just so’s you know: I’m also working freelance production on the Clinton Global Initiative in Midtown this week.  So if I suddenly start referring to Al Gore, Shimon Perez, the Emir of Qatar, Sumner Redstone, Condeleeza Rice or any other politico-power-broker-rulers-of-the-globe types here I apologize ahead of time.  Things might get kinda confusing.

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