Hi guys! Remember me? It’s been a while since the last threat of termination of my employment if I neglect to blog, and I do have some fond memories of putting everyone else to shame with the frequency of my posting. “So why,” you may ask, “why is indieBlog more neglected than you were as a child? Don’t you want to be DMG’s favorite employee?” Yes, I am competetive and want the affection of my boss, but I am also very, very lazy. Are you suprised? You shouldn’t be!

With that revelation (I’m just going to embrace the lazy, ok guys?) I got to thinking: What do lazy people like me enjoy? Movie spoilers!

I managed to ctrl+c two urls for you guys! One for recent films with a time-sucking archive, and one of the top 50 movie endings of all time.


Maybe I’m not so lazy after all!


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