OK, I’ll admit it — every time a new Star Wars movie comes out I get on a soapbox.  I haven’t seen any of the new movies.  I don’t want to.  Strangely, no one really fights me on this.

So I was more than surprised on Sunday night when I got a little misty watching the red carpet arrivals for Episode III: Revenge of the Sith1060603_img_2 It was one of those rare moments where my jaded, sarcastic side left me as a full orchestra launched into the theme song from the film.   Even Darth’s heavy breathing was amplified throughout the Croisette.  I left cheesy cell phone messages for my friends as the big guy and a dozen-or-so Storm Troopers walked the red carpet.   

Granted we weren’t on the carpet ourselves — we were across the street high above it — but it was VERY cool.  1050596_img_1 It still won’t get me to see Episode III, but I did catch a showing of original recipe at the Cinema de Plage.  This beach screening was packed, loud, and subtitled in French.  What better Cannes experience could you ask for?

Guess it’ll be time to dig out my Death Star from the garage when I get back to LA.  Just please help me if anyone gets their hands on my dance recital photos where we performed with plastic light sabres.  Ah, the late Seventies…

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