“Because we have low self esteem!” is the answer. What was the question?

And now for something completely different:

While I’m fairly certain that none of the seven people that read this (except you, Grewe) care at all, it’s been announced that Fox is canceling The OC (with the series finale being 22 February, it seems as though they can’t get rid of it fast enough). I’m also fairly certain that, were the show to have started airing now, I never would have started watching it, being much too old for such things. However, in my endearing youthful naiveté, I became border-line obsessed. I wasn’t the only one, though – my entire group of friends was too, and I can say (with only the slightest cringe) that this stupid, stupid television show carries a considerable amount of really good memories for me. Even after we all moved to different areas of Chicago, we made an effort to meet once a week for the show and drink our weight in cheap beer.

I never got into any of the other teen dramas (Dawson and Felicity Gilmore’s One Tree Everwood 90210), and (being the mature and discerning viewer that I am now) will never get into another one, so I am prepared to give it the proper send off and then we can all just forget that I ever liked something so embarrassing.

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