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Ever… so… slowly… the summer movie season is approaching. But until then, we have April, where audiences will have to whet their appetites with car chase sequels and/or farty mall security sequels. So take a look at what movies the SAGindie staff plan on seeing this April.


Darrien’s Picks:

Well, April is basically just a precursor for May’s huge movie calendar. There’s not a lot I’m dying to see. But there are a few that have my interest. Here they are, and here’s why:

Why? Cars, The Rock, Paul Walker RIP, The Rock, awesome chick fight, Jason Statham, The Rock, The Rock, The Ro–
Why? Cuz I never saw Her. I figure this will break me even, right? Besides, it seems more insidious and Domhnall Gleeson doesn’t have to wear the weird pants.
Why? Simon Pegg. ‘Nuff said.
Why? Not sure. But I loved Orlando and this is slightly in that vein.

Overall, April is a gigantic Meh, for me.


Eliza’s Picks:

Lambert & Stamp
Unfriended {dies of embarrassment}


Colin’s Picks:

I feel like I’ve definitely seen Adult Beginners before, even though I haven’t. The whole down-and-out-thirtysomething-moving-back-in-with-estranged-family-members-to-sort-shit-out genre has been done before and should probably feel played out at this point. And yet… Nick Kroll! Rose Byrne! Bobby Cannavale! Joel McHale! Jane Krakowski! Bobby Moynihan! How can I say no to that cast? I can’t. I’ll be there.

Other than that, April looks like a ROUGH month movie-wise. Ex Machina maybe? Or True Story? Although if I’m being honest, I’m more interested in Monkey Kingdom than any of those – TINA FEY NARRATING BABY MONKEYS! It’s like YouTube or BuzzFeed made a feature-length viral video. Yes yes yes.

Update: I have to amend my picks now that I know The Last Time You Had Fun comes out on VOD this month. Because that movie (and cast) looks like a hell of a good time.


Amanda’s Picks:

Cars parachuting from airplanes. Special forces assassins. Muscle cars. DUBAI. There’s no reason NOT to be excited for FURIOUS 7, which I will be seeing opening weekend. No contest.

Now that that’s off my chest, on to the rest of April. The month in the doldrums before summer blockbuster season is actually not terrible for indie movies. Although my first choice is a wildly popular franchise with a multi million dollar budget, my second, third, and fourth movie picks for the month are considerably smaller in scale. 5 to 7 looks like an atypical romance and I’m a sucker for that type of thing. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who was captivating in Faults last year, is back in Alex of Venice — playing a very different character (…I hope). And finally, I love a good origin story and I love classic rock, so Lambert & Stamp was pretty much made for me. The documentary outlines the origin of The Who, through the two filmmakers that would become the band’s managers.

Now is really the time to pinch pennies though, because May will leave me broke.


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