Oscars, Oscars, Oscars! Spirit Awards, Spirit Awards, Spirit Awards! These two events have basically monopolized the conversation this week amongst those who write about film and Los Angeles. If you’re unaware, this weekend is basically LA’s Super Bowl, presidential inauguration, and Mardi Gras, all tossed together in a Wolfgang Puck-catered salad. SAGindie’s very own Darrien and Eliza will be hitting up the Spirit Awards on Saturday, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed for updates. Until then, take a look at some of the best film-related articles of the past week.

Good Reads for the week of February 16, 2015

The Rich Kids Changing Independent Film (via Katie Kilkenny for The Atlantic)
They get a lot of heat, but if billionaire kids want to spend their money on movies instead of cocaine, I say “Amen.”

50 Essential African-American Independent Films (via Alison Nastasi for Flavorwire)
Celebrate Black History Month by catching up on some classics (and some under-the-radar finds).

Why cinephiles need to care about PBS before it’s too late (via Andrew Lapin for The Dissolve)
Remember when Mitt Romney said he was going to kill Big Bird? Now he’s coming after D.A. Pennebaker too!

Accidental Hustle: The Two David O. Russells and His Seven (and a Half) Films (via Steven Hyden for Grantland)
How the guy who got famous for making an incest comedy became an Oscar darling.

Filmmakers, Learn How the FAA Plans to Regulate Drone Filmmaking (via Michael Murie for Filmmaker Magazine)
Before you get arrested for aviation terrorism, best to brush up on the rules.

Just How Independent Are the Film Independent Spirit Awards? (via Daniel Schindel for Los Angeles Magazine)
An interview with our buddy Josh Welsh from Film Independent.

iTunes v. Amazon v. Netflix v. Hulu from an Indie Filmmaker Perspective (via Jane Kelly Kosek for All About Indie Filmmaking)
A sampler platter of VOD distribution models.

Oscar Films for Every Personality (via The New York Times)
Like match.com, but more gratifying.

What’s it like being a seat filler at the Academy Awards? (via Alex McCown for The A.V. Club)
Inside the mind of a professional sitter-downer.


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