Sorry it’s taken so long to post.

I ate those mushrooms I found growing in the forest in Utah and the next thing I know I was talking to Sundance Film Festival Director Geoff Gilmore and he started turning into a psychedelic honey badger. I woke up in the middle of Zion National Park the next day wearing a loincloth made from the skin of an Osmond Brother, a tattoo of the Grateful Dead Bears on my chest, and the taste of lizard on my breath.


Anyway, I made it back to the Sundance Village in time for our presentation to the Conference Participants. SAG New York Manager of Television and Theatrical Contracts, Ron Bennett and I explained the new Low Budget Agreements. Then I asked our friends Jon Larson and Kay Schaber from the DGA and WGA to talk about their organizations’ low budget incentives.

Every time I go to this conference I meet people that I invariably meet again when their projects hit the festival circuit. This year was no exception, and I look forward to seeing some of these projects finished. 1070793_img_1

Well, I’d better go before I have another flashback and try to invade the AFTRA offices again…

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