SAGindie is at Sundance! Which means, we could be distracted by all the movie-watching, party-hopping, celebrity-sighting, and snow-trekking that Park City has to offer. Instead, we’ve stayed diligent in collecting a week’s worth of good reads to help fulfill your filmmaking knowledge (and your soul). We’d never let a little thing like a prestigious film festival get in the way of our work!


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of January 21, 2019)

Top 50 Most Anticipated American Indie Films of 2019 (via Eric Lavallée for IONCINEMA)
Take a scroll through some of notable indies coming out this year.

How the American Society of Cinematographers is dealing with diversity (via Michael Ordona for Los Angeles Times)
The mentorship and sponsorship efforts of the folks (literally) behind the camera.

How AI Will Turn Us All Into Filmmakers (via Clive Thompson for Wired)
The new technology that takes over the script-to-editing process.

Should the Best Picture Oscar be considered the award for the best producing? (via Lawrence Garcia for The A.V. Club)
With Oscar nomiantions out, the question of whether Best Picture should focus on the best producing feat – and what this author thinks should win it this year.

The Real Story Behind the Most Iconic Teen Bedrooms in Pop Culture History (via Sirin Kale for Broadly)
Production design stories from the sets of Mean Girls, Bring It On, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Jonas Mekas, RIP: Why This 96-Year-Old Legend Was Our Most Important Cinephile (via Eric Kohn for IndieWire)
From fleeing Nazi Germany to starting one of the first movie magazines to becoming an avant-garde filmmaker, a look at the life of Jonas Mekas.


A video worth watching

#FlashbackFriday to Kim Basinger’s ad-libbed shoutout to Do the Right Thing on the Oscars stage (h/t @kylebuchanan)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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