That’s right, I just got back from SXSW (and boy are my arms………….).  When you’re in Austin, it’s all about the bad boy rockers.

Oh he77, who am I kidding?  We were at SXSW for the film week and missed the music week all together.  Actually, as we were leaving, we did notice a bunch of people on the street who looked like this.  I guess they’re around for the music week.  The cool thing about SXSW is that the musicians act so crazy that they make film people seem mild and easy.  I think every festival should have a music fest just before or just after.  I’m sure that if 50,000 metal heads came into Park City, UT, that the Sundance haters might see that they don’t have it so bad. 

Anyhow, we made it through 6 days in Texas.  Other than our amazing booth (yeah, right), we also Sxswstewardesshad a panel and a party.  The panel consisted of the WGA, DGA, and SAG Texas.  Paul was the mediator, and was his usual funny, helpful, and slightly insane self.  The party was full of good Sxswfoodfood, and interesting people.  These ladies were interesting.  Their outfits were part of a film.  It only got annoying when they would direct people to the restroom by pointing them out using two fingers.  And does anyone NOT know what’s on this guy’s mind?     Sxswguy All in all, we had a good time.  We really didn’t get to see movies – after working at our booth, the evening movies got in the way of Paul’s partying time.  As for me, I went home early every night, with my child, and watched television.  I swear, I USED to be a lot of fun. 

Anyhow, I recommend SXSW for anyone who is considering going next year.  It’s a great town, the parties are fun, and the movie houses are fantastic (hey, you can order nachos and a beer while Sxswarrenawatching a movie – what’s not to love!).  Everywhere you look, there’s excitement and mayhem.  Take it from Darrien, Jr.  She could hardly contain her excitement.   And we met some really great people, like this fella who was out looking for the famed bats of Austin.  He never did find any bmd’s, did he?

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