Lord knows I don’t want to upstage our fearless leader’s departure but he’s trained me to fear being fired if I don’t blog promptly so….here goes:


(Read with a dramatic Movietones voice):

Around 250 people convened up at St. Malachy’s Church’s Actor’s Chapel in Midtown Manhattan for a lively panel discussion about how actors can create their own projects and their own breaks in the industry. Panelists Charles Busch, Michael Showalter, Cynthia Katz of The Artist’s Group East, and Amy Dotson of IFP had great advice for the packed room. Lead by Michael Sládek, SAGIndie’s man in

New York

who is also a SAG member and a director/producer/writer, the panelists waxed about their own views on actors taking their careers in to their own hands and how to navigate the industry successfully.

Actor/Writer/Directors Busch, Showalter, and Sládek all spoke of their personal backgrounds making the leap from struggling actors to hyphenates creating their own projects to various ends. Ms. Katz gave great advice regarding actors in the agency world while Ms. Dotson answered questions regarding IFP and the process of developing projects in the industry.

And yes, I did write this as if it weren’t actually me writing it. Creepy huh?

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