We’ve reached the halfway point of the festival and I’ve learned one thing…I’m OLD. I’ve tossed out my Chuck Taylors for more comfortable tennis shoes. And I’m not fighting to get into tonight’s Star Wars premiere. It’s either that I’m old or I’ve become incredibly uncool. I’ll lose sleep tonight trying to decide which is worse.

Speaking of Star Wars, many of the cast were around town doing press today, including a freshly-bald Natalie Portman, who just lost her locks for a role in V for Vendetta. We’ll have some photos from the red carpet, or, um, from high above the red carpet for you tomorrow.

As for the last few days, we continue to have great industry round tables, including manager Brian Young from Untitled Entertainment, Asylum’s Rick Walker and entertainment attorney Greg Bernstein.

Women1050570_img_3 were everywhere today at the American Pavilion as Mr. Darcy (aka Colin Firth) dropped by for a Q&A about his film Where the Truth Lies. It was very entertaining to listen to people waiting in line debate the exact level of Firth’s "dreaminess." Even more entertaining was the photographer who became obsessed with Firth’s shoes.


We’ve hit a few parties, including last night’s yacht party for the Los Angeles Film Festival. Many of our students got into the MTV party last night, where random celebrity sightings including Eddie Izzard and Kid Rock.

I was home in bed by Midnight. Maybe I’m old AND uncool.

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