I thought today was going to be quiet. Scott left sometime under the cover of night to go to Jersey to "find himself", DMG is at home nursing her baby, and Paul is at home, still pretending that there was a flood in his condo. I’m all alone in the office for now, searching for something that I can critique with my well trained, film school graduate eye. Or something I can skewer with a film industry angle. And then I found it. Well…it’s not really film, but it is available on a tape…

Dear and loyal readers, may I present to you (mere hours after every other blog) quite possibly the only thing more horrifying than this,

the Dustin Diamond Screech Sex Tape.

To quote a reliable source who is quoting another, most likely reliable source, who is quoting Diamond himself:

"Hey man, it’s just skin."

Yeah, and I’m a journalist.

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