Since Eliza was so nice as to give all film students (and Hollywood at large) such great advice, I thought I’d give my own bit of filmmaker help by giving some ideas of films that I think SHOULD be made.

Therefore, here are:  FILMS I’D LIKE TO SEE

1.   A movie where the gorgeous blonde girl gets killed in the first 10 mins.  (it’s a Black thing, and it’s about time.)

2.   A couple who meet cute, fall out ugly, and stay out.

3.   A movie where Betty White gets to bed Josh Hartnett (or the age equivalents) and nobody thinks anything of it.

4.   Ryan Gosling in SHORT BUS 2

5.   A movie where all the teen queens are sent to the Planet Pluto – THEN downgrading it to a mini-planet (or whatever it is) , but forgetting to bring the girls back.  O.K., that’s more of a production note.

6.   The film version of Dancing With The Stars.  Oh, the drama!

7.   Anne Heche’s new television show.  It just seems a more natural outlet.

O.K., filmies, get crackin’!  I’ve given you GEMS here, people, GEMS!!!  And I’ll only charge 5% for any sales you make using my ideas.

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