Really.  My child and I have schlepped ourselves all the way across the pond to France.  It was a rough trip – 10 hours of crying and shrieking.  Not my kid, she slept the whole way in a bassinet.  But I was pretty darn uncomfortable!!! 

Now, we’re here at the American Pavilion, working to give these students a proper industry experience.  I’ve asked, cajoled, threatened and bribed industryites into givinge the filmmaking students a piece of their wisdom.  Of course, I didn’t threaten Don "The Dragon" Wilson to talk about selling films oversees, etc.  I asked him real nice like.  He was very nice about it.  I told him that Paul thinks Jean-Claude Van Damme could kick his butt, and he broke Paul’s collarbone with one swift (and high) kick.  He’ll survive, but he’s whining like a little girl.  D.B. Sweeney was kind enough to come through.  He has a film here at the festival called DIRT NAP and gave a great talk Db20wide_2

It’s always cool when actors branch out and start directing and producing their own work.  It’s inspiring.   O.K., it keeps Paul and I in work, and that’s really important.  So we support actors!  Screw waiting around for someone to hire you.  Make your own movie – and pay yourself SAG wages!!!  It’s the American Way.

Other than that, it’s been work, work, work.  It’s really hard for a single (in France) mother to live her life.  I mean, if you knew my struggles!


Did I mention that we have interns?!

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