That’s right, call the tabloids.  On Saturday, at the Independent Spirit Awards, George and I had a "moment".  Well, we locked eyes, at least.  O.K., truth is, I was sitting next to Garcelle Beauvais at the SAGIndie table, when George walked by.  Garcelle boldly called out to him and said "Hi!".  The gallant George smiled and returned the hello.  Now here’s where it gets good, his right eye wandered a bit to the right, just past Garcelle’s ear, …….and there I was.  See?!  A total "moment".  Technically, we only locked eye – since it was only his right one, but let’s not split hairs.  I expect his people to get a hold of me any day now.  Oh, and the husband?  Well, let’s just say that George in "on my list", so it’s a freebie.

Other than that, the Spirit Awards was it’s usual fill of amusements.  It was hosted by Sarah Silverman, who was funny, and fairly risque.  Nobody else would dare talk femine hygiene at an awards show.  Our table was a bevvy of beauties.  In addition to Garcelle, who is beautiful enough to make you want to slap her (but don’t, it’s bad form), there was also: Sanna Lathan, Regina Hall, and Larenz Tate.  Notice something about our table??  Including me, there were a lot of ……uh…..people of color there.  And since we were all at one table together, you know what that means (the camera never showed us?)….there must be a revolution coming to SAGIndie!  Yep, we’re planning something.  But just to make Paul and Scott feel more at home, we also had one of our favorites there in Ben McKenzie

In addition to all the plotting at our table, we still had time to enjoy the show.  We saw Felicity Huffman win for TransAmerica.  We heard ridiculous songs, sung by stars, about the best picture nominees.  And I loaded up on more eye candy when Josh Lucas came out to present.  All in all, a satisfying day.  I didn’t even mind that by the time I got backstage, all the waffle cone ice cream cones were gone.  Well, I got over it.

So back to George Clooney.  I think I have a chance.  After all, he’s been known to sleep with a potbellied pig, so how bad could I be?…………….Hey!  I heard that!

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