(note:  SAGIndie in no way endorses any kind of gambling, betting, or vicious bad-wishing on any one, not even rag-of-the-week mongering celebrities)

So I have a new obsession.  A group of virtual friends and I have joined in on the newest dance craze.  Just when the all important fantasy football leagues can take over your life, there’s a new game in town, and it is FUN!!!  It’s a Fantasy Celebrity League.  That’s right, now you can profit from celebrities bad and otherwise behavior.  Check it out!   You set it up like any league, all the players pick team names and you list the celebrities that you’d like to draft.  On draft day, the website DRAFTS FOR YOU, based on your list!  It’s that easy.  After that, you sit back and let the celebrities do what they do, and you gain points.  For basic mentions in the 10-15 mags, e-mags, etc. that they check every day, you get 1 point.  Celebrity fights and romance rumors get 2 points, while juicier tidbits like pregnancy can earn you 7 points.  The highest score is 10 points for a BOMBSHELL, be it death or something else no one could predict.  Happily, I haven’t seen any 10 points yet.

Now that I’ve talked about this like it’s sliced bread, I have to confess.  I’m in last place in my league.  I know, it’s crazy.  I think it’s because I was being too smart for my britches and using information like; Scarlett Johannson has a movie coming out and Matt Damon doesn’t do a lot of press or partying.  What I SHOULD have been doing is just grabbing up the Lindsay Lohans and Paris Hiltons of the celebrity world and watch as they constantly do stuff that people talk (bad) about.  So I’ve learned my lesson.  I knew Eddie Murphy wasn’t done spreading his seed around, but Scary Spice – that’s a shocker. 

So what are you waiting for?  Join a league and you too can be anxiously sitting in front of the TV at 7pm waiting for Entertainment Tonight to drop a bomb about which star’s nasty divorce may, or may not, have to do with the nanny!!!  Does it get any better than that?

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