*Scott and I have been the unfortunate recipients of can only be described as that nasty, lingering for three weeks kind of cold. Because of that, I am going to allow him to do all the heavy lifting, including the sure to be inspiring eulogy of Mr. Altman who, as I’m sure everyone knows by now, has sadly passed away. I, on the other hand, will take a cue from Defamer, and give you this, in addition to the little tidbits I have picked up today:

*The Self Reliant Filmmmaking blog also has quite a few people asking to recommend books, only he is smart enought to direct people to the amazon.com store he made. Books, check ’em out!

*This I found mildly amusing, but as I’m not a real viewer or any of these shows, I’m left whining about the lack of “JAM” and remembering how I couldn’t wait to see what happened to Seth.

*Et tu, Mike Watt? Et tu?

*By her looks, I thought this was the mom, but it’s not. Introducing the Littlest Lohan!


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