Every year Darrien has to celebrate her birthday during the Cannes Film Festival (I used to have to celebrate mine during Sundance, but I am important enough that the Festival changed the date). This year was particularly important for Darrien because this was one of those “Milestone Birthdays (I won’t tell you her age, but she went to preschool with Bea Arthur…).

Last night we surprised her with a cocktail party at the American Pavilion Corporate Apartment.

This is Darrien being presented with a birthday Hashish Brownie (it only has one candle because of the French fire prevention laws). Dmg_bday_7

Darrien brought her parasite… uh… I mean, daughter… to the party, where she met her future husband, Charlie, the son of the owner of the American Pavilion. This picture may not show it, but believe me, sparks were flying. The_lovers_meet_1 You should have seen what happened right after I snapped this shot. It involved diapers… and trust me… it was scandalous.

Anyway, I think Darrien enjoyed her birthday in Cannes.

And Arrena loved it just as much as every SAGIndie party:


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