So Scott and I finally emerged from the pits of despair after Paul’s last day, only to find DMG had a remarkably speedy recovery from said trauma and has lit off to celebrate her holiday somewhere very warm and exciting, promising “Presents when I get back!!” on her way out the door, laughing all the way to the airport, I’m sure, as she thinks of us huddled like the little match girl in our meat locker of an office. Ah, yes. Happy Holidays indeed.

Despite the abundance of alcohol this time of year (I like gin, Scott likes scotch – in case you’re short on gift ideas) and the ready availability of it, we’ve managed to stay stomach pump free just long enough to toil away at figuring out who we can hire to hang out with us at Sundance. As a gift to you (Mom), I promise a daily update, at least until the end of the week, when we will be officially entering hibernation until 2 January.

And, finally, a message to “Jimmy” from the LA County Prison: I’m not going to tell you again, we cannot accept any more of your collect calls. It’s good to know, though, that you have enough free time to call us several times a day!!

PS: Your shiv’s in the mail.

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