No matter how much you’re looking forward to the new Borat movie, you’re probably getting sick of the wall to wall marketing for the thing. We’re no different – in fact, yesterday Eliza spent a good deal of time and energy (energy usually expended on pounding my sorry carcass in chess) carping about the media saturation Borat’s "movie film" has achieved.

Overkill is the definitely the word. Still, there are some relatively under-exposed bits of information (only tangentially related to Borat, perhaps) that lurk beneath the glossy surface of the ubiquitous efforts of Fox Corp.’s grimly determined marketers.

Today’s Slate contains one such tidbit of information in their popular Explainer section: How did the producers of Borat get those people to agree to be in the movie? It’s an interesting read, and it gets bonus points for contributions from our good friend (and indie film legal guru) Mark Litwak.

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