So you’ve heard from our own Eliza on her first experiences at Sundance. Truth is, she still has a lot to see and do. It’s not really Sundance until you see some….uh…….professional-type women wearing a mini-skirt, tank top, high heels, leg warmers and a parka. Yeah, uh, it’s like 3 below, PUT SOME DAMN CLOTHES ON!

Anyhow, I’ve been here so many times it’s all so droll. Naw. I’ve actually watched more movies in the last two days than I usually get to see in the entire week we’re here! Some have been o.k., some horrible, and some great. And I’ve done it all without drinking excessively (o.k., maybe someone should define excessively). I have to agree with Eliza about Chicago 10. The movie is really pretty good. Brett Morgan managed to go through hours and hours of footage and transcripts and managed to put together a fascinating story that is historically accurate and relevant today. It should be shown at ever high school and college in the country. Friday, I saw WEAPONS. Let’s just say, not a favorite. But I do have to say (and not because we’re affiliated with SAG) that it wasn’t the actors’ fault. They did their best to tell a story that was never fresh, interesting, or well-paced. An hour later, all was forgiven because I saw ROCKET SCIENCE. This was a tricky situation for me because not only was the writer/director one of our co-hosts for the FILMMAKERS ONLY BRUNCH here in Sundance, but he’s an old friend of mine from film school (yeah, I went to film school. What of it?!). So I went to see the film with great trepidation. What if I hated it? What would I say? Well, I LOVED it. It was entertaining and nuanced and showed a great understanding into humanity and life. His writing makes me think of THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS and/or THE SQUID AND THE WHALE, both of which I loved. I am so proud to call him friend. Not to mention how much I loved his first films, the Oscar nominated documentary, SPELLBOUND. Yeah, I’m bragging for him, but he deserves it. And finally, he deserves it because he’s one of the nicest guys I know.

Eh, enough about him – he’s not paying me to be his publicist (but if he wanted to………….). Since that filmic high, I have since had my world bombarded with mediocrity. I know that Eliza liked TEETH more than I. I went in expecting a crazy, dark comedy with a kind of vicious sense of humor (a la HEATHERS). Nope. It had all the set-up, but never could see it through. I was disappointed. Tonight, I saw Mike White’s directing debut YEAR OF THE DOG. It stars Molly Shannon, Laura Dern, Peter Sarsgaard, and our ACTORS ONLY BRUNCH co-host, Regina King. I definitely liked the film. Didn’t love it, but it was a good experience. Mike White wrote a surprisingly heartfelt and sensitive film about how far you would go for love (but with a twist). Nearly the whole cast was there for the film, including new daddy Sarsgaard. Truly a bevy of stars. So tomorrow is our first big event (we’ve already had two smaller events). The ACTORS ONLY BRUNCH. It’s always a madhouse when you have to deal with stars and their handlers. Still, it wouldn’t be much fun at the brunch if they didn’t come. Plus, we pride ourselves in giving all the actors a chance to just sit down and eat and talk to one another. Those who come, seem to enjoy themselves.

And finally, I had one of those lovely and painful experiences today. No, I’m not cutting myself again. The crew and I went to the state liquor store to pick up some……….uh…… favors. When I went to pay for my favor, the cashier asks to see my ID. Great! She looks, then looks at me and says……….WOW! As in, WOW, I didn’t think you were that old. O.K., I’m trying to concentrate on the part that says that I look good for my age and that I can pass for younger – but I can’t get past the part that I am apparently at an age where someone would say WOW, you’re THAT old?! Ooh, it stings. I feel like going to bed early and humming some Bay City Rollers “SATURDAY NIGHT” until I get to dreamland. Old? Me?! Nah!

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