A new year has begun and, with it, a new year of film festivals. It all kicks off with SUNDANCE in January. Obviously it’s a great festival for numerous reasons, but for us it’s the fact that the whole SAGIndie team attends together.

Sure, we’ll be there for work– hosting and attending events while spreading the word of SAG’s Low Budget contracts– but we’ll also be spending many hours watching films. Some are pretty small and truly independent while others, of course, are a bit larger in scale.

As a team we like to divide and conquer so we can view as much as possible and get a good feel for what the year will bring. On the rare occasion, we’ll attend a film together. For instance, this year we’re all super stoked to see the premiere of Kevin Smith‘s new film, RED STATE. Say what you want to about his more recent work, but after a long career in the industry that began with the game-changing film, Clerks, Smith seems to have found his way back to the independent arena with his first horror film.

Check out the creepily intriguing teaser trailer if you haven’t yet…

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