We hope you spent this week either registering to vote (deadlines are upon us! Check your local Secretary of State!) or reading about filmmaking in various online or print news mediums. If you happened to do the former, but not the latter, we’ve collected some interesting articles to keep all you filmmakers well-read.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of October 8, 2018)

6 Things Every First-Time Director Needs to Know (via Casey Mink for Backstage)
Producers, casting directors, and actors offer their words of advice for first-timers.

Creatives’ livelihoods are under attack. Piracy is to blame. (via Claire Best for The Hill)
How piracy is impacting cinematographers, costume designers, and other film folks.

A Brief History of Pulp Fiction Knockoffs (via Jason Bailey for Vulture)
A look back at the era when everyone wanted some of that Royale with Cheese swag.

What on Earth Is Happening at Annapurna Pictures? (via Stephan Cho for Paste Magazine)
Megan Ellison’s indie production/distribution company had a weird week.

Multiflex Cinema: Four Seasoned Producers Explain How to Flex Each Moviemaking Muscle in Film’s Most Elastic Position (via Paul Finkel, Jason Potash, Wayne L. Rogers, and Tim White for MovieMaker Magazine)
Though these authors are all producers, they’re not necessarily doing the same job.

Actress-turned-producer Tips: Why Hiring the Right Makeup Artist Impacts Your Film Beyond Aesthetics (via Laura Hunter Drago for Ms. In The Biz)
When you’re hiring somebody to be all up in your actors’ faces, it’s important to look beyond just the resumé.

Hannah Marks and Joey Power’s Guide to Shooting Your Ambitious Indie Debut Feature in New York City (via Hannah Marks and Joey Power for The Talkhouse)
Filming in the Big Apple on a budget? No prob! (Actually, yes, there will be probs, but here are some ways to work through them.)


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Learn about the making of the self-distributed indie Sadie (via SAG-AFTRA Foundation)

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