This week saw the unfortunate passing of two actresses who never really got their due: Elizabeth Peña and Misty Upham (for great examples of their talents, go ahead and watch Lone Star and Frozen River, respectively). In lighter news, there was buzz on the media landscape with HBO’s announcement that they’ll be launching a standalone streaming service for the kids who hate cable bills (and are tired of using their parents’ HBO Go passwords, presumably). Your move, Cinemax.

More Good Reads for the week of October 13, 2014

Zombies, Aliens and Robots: Gale Anne Hurd on Her Greatest Hits (via David Fear for Rolling Stone)
The woman behind The Terminator takes a look back at her prolific producing career.

Potent Posters: 8 of the Year’s Best (via Hannah Weintraub for The Credits)
Scroll through these purdy pictures and tell me you don’t want to see these movies.

In Film, Women’s Stories Break Through At Fall Festivals (via Bilal Qureshi for NPR)
Why the festival circuit is the place to find compelling films by women and about women.

Everybody Be Cool: “Pulp Fiction” 20 Years Later (via Nathan Reese for Complex)
Now Pulp Fiction can almost legally drink alcohol in the U.S.

Redefining Micro-Budget Filmmaking: The $6,000 ‘Layover’ (via Joshua Caldwell for The Wrap)
An insightful breakdown, from the development process to finding your market.

Mike Leigh Is the Master Filmmaker Who Hates Hollywood (via Nico Hines for The Daily Beast)
How the British director of Mr. Turner is still making films on his own terms.

I Re-Watched Shawshank Redemption and Your Mom Was Right—It Rules (via Lindy West for GQ)
Lindy West’s movie re-watches are always a hilarious time for your brain and eyeballs (see also: Jurassic Park; Love Actually).

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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