What a weekend ahead: The Cannes Film Festival will be wrapping up, and Darrien and Eliza will get to come home to a three-day weekend! So in between your barbecuing, beach-going, and general Memorializing, catch up on some of the week’s best film-related articles. Do it for your country.

Good Reads for the week of May 18, 2015

The Untold Story of ILM, a Titan That Forever Changed Film (via Alex French and Howie Kahn for Wired)
George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro, and more discuss the company that brought you your childhood.

Filmmakers Josh Safdie and Reinaldo Marcus Green Talk Cannes Film Festival Stories (via The Talkhouse)
Some inside stories about being accepted (or rejected) by Cannes.

Ted Sandaros on Why He Won’t Share Netflix Ratings and the Future of the Industry
(via Shipra Harbola Gupta for Indiewire)
Behind the distribution model of bringing your feature to Netflix.

Amazon’s deal with Woody Allen is historic – and remarkably stupid (via Todd VanDerWerff for Vox)
Why the online giant might not be the best fit for the controversial filmmaker.

The Star on the Sidewalk (via Amy Larocca for Vulture)
How Heaven Knows What star Arielle Holmes went from homeless junkie to leading lady.

A.O. Scott on Why the New York Times Changed Its Review Policy (via Sam Dams for Criticwire)
NY Times Film Critic talks about making it harder for four-walled and vanity releases to get reivewed.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion):

When Letterman Met Harmony
On the eve of David Letterman’s last show, a look back at his memorable interviews with eccentric indie filmmaker Harmony Korine.


A video worth watching

Dance you weekend away with Whit Stillman!