We did it! We made it to the official First Day Of Summer 2019. And we’re celebrating not with firecrackers, barbecues, or bonfires. We’re celebrating by curating a list of the week’s good reads for actors and filmmakers. Read them with an icy glass of lemonade to make the experience extra summer-y.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of June 17, 2019)

Of course there’s ageism in Hollywood, but for some actors it’s more nuanced than that (via Bob Strauss for Los Angeles Daily News)
Looking at the numbers (and recent titles) of seniors on screen.

Crisis of Representation: Why Independent Filmmakers Still Need Agents and Managers (via Anthony Kaufman for Filmmaker Magazine)
How old school gatekeepers can still be useful to your career.

Changing Your Professional SAG-AFTRA Name: A Case Study (via Cat Elliott for Casting Networks News)
Maybe read this before you officially become Jack T. Hollywood.

Juleen Compton: Stranded By Film History (via Kristen Yoonsoo Kim for The Metrograph Edition)
Reviewing the overlooked career of the actress/filmmaker who self-funded a duo of 1960s indies.

How Will the Movies (As We Know Them) Survive the Next 10 Years? (via Kyle Buchanan for The New York Times)
Surveying industry professionals on their thoughts of film’s future.

4 Ways to Fail as a Producer (And 4 Ways to Succeed!) (via Alexia Melocchi for Stage 32)
Standard principles for producers to live by.

5 Reasons a Writer Should Take an Acting Class (via Jennifer Zhang for Save The Cat!)
Step away from your laptop, screenwriters, and learn how to emote.


In case you were ignoring us (aka blatant self-promotion)

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A video worth watching

Academy Gold’s emerging filmmakers (via The Academy)

How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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