We’ve reached the end of the week, surely feeling all warm and fuzzy inside after the Democratic National Convention (or all angry and hostile, depending). But while the internet may have been going crazy with Tim Kaine dad jokes and reflections on America’s first female Presidential nominee, it also spent some time publishing stories and news about filmmaking (with a few articles dedicated to producers this week). We’ve taken some of the most interesting reads from the week and listed them below.

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This Week’s Good Reads (Week of July 25, 2016)

A Hollywood Start-Up Sees New Life in Dead Movie Scripts (via Alexandra Alter and Brooks Barnes for The New York Times)
One production company’s trash is another production company’s treasure.

12 Indispensable Tips for Budgeting Your Indie Feature (via Sophia Harvey for No Film School)
Smart spending advice for thrifty filmmakers.

Box Office Meltdown: Hollywood Races to Win Back Summer Crowds (via Brent Lang and James Rainey for Variety)
Troubling times for movie studios… Except for Disney. I think those guys are gonna make it.

Time and Money: How a Good Line Producer Can Help You Save Both (via Cortney Matz for Film Independent)
Breaking down the least-glamorous producing job (and why it’s so important).

Better On Set Experiences = Better Stories (via Anna Perling for Story & Heart)
The director and DP of Mrs. Drake on how to build a creative and productive set.

“Capital P Producing”: Hollywood Vet Suzanne Todd Bucks Stereotypes, Owns Summers (via KC Ifeanyi for Co.Create)
Yes, even a powerhouse producer still has to explain to people what a producer does.

How Mike Birbiglia Abandoned Major Studios to Make the Movie He Wanted (via Whitney Friedlander for Esquire)
The big studio Don’t Think Twice that could’ve been (but thankfully wasn’t).


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50 underrated, forgotten, or misunderstood films (via Must See Films)

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