Welp, America survived the Republican National Convention (did we, though?) and in the midst of the Chachi speeches, the plagiarism scandals, the Third Eye Blind renaissance, and the eventual nomination of a Presidential candidate, the news actually covered some non-RNC stories too. We’ve collected a list of some film-specific readings you may want to catch up on over the weekend. Regardless of your political affiliation, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy them.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of July 18, 2016)

Upstream and Downstream: 5 Observations about Independent Film Distribution at the 2016 Midpoint (via Anthony Kaufman for Filmmaker Magazine)
An appraisal of indie film releases halfway through the year.

How to Get More Women Into the Director’s Chair (via Nell Scovell for The New York Times)
The co-writer of Lean In brings that concept to the film industry.

Smoking in movies: film-makers just can’t kick the habit (via Mona Chalabi for The Guardian)
Are PG and PG-13 films about to be forced into the non-smoking section?

The Broad Green Layoffs: Why Good Movies Aren’t Enough to Avoid The Startup Curse (via Graham Winfrey and Anne Thompson for IndieWire)
It’s still hard out there for an indie movie studio.

Wolf of Wall Street Producers Are Reportedly in $1 Billion Worth of Trouble (via Hillary Busis for Vanity Fair)
Silver lining of having a low budget: Easier to know where your money came from?

VHS, Beloved Home Video Format, Dies at 40 (via Matt Singer for ScreenCrush)
Farewell, old friend. In your honor we will always be kind. And rewind.

The Business of Web Series: What are the Returns on Online Episodic Content – Monetary or Otherwise? (via Maddy Kadish for MovieMaker Magazine)
It’s easier than ever to create a web series. But how do you make money?

Richard Linklater’s Before Trilogy is As Good As Cinema Gets (via Petr Knava for Pajiba)
A deep dive into the classic (the only?) indie romance trilogy.


New Releases

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How to screen your film for feedback (via RocketJump Film School)

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