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This Week’s Good Reads (Week of February 15, 2016)

How the DVD Business Is Destroying Alchemy (via Eric Kohn for Indiewire)
Another indie distributor hits a rocky patch.

Can She Pull It Off? (Or, How to Hire Women Directors) (via Katy Chevigny for Filmmaker Magazine)
Breaking down the challenges (and offering solutions) for women in film.

I Attended A Satanic Ceremony For The Witch (via Devin Faraci for Birth. Movies. Death.)
Indie horror marketing just got a little weirder.

From A to Z: How to Get Your Micro-Budget Feature in Front of as Many Eyeballs as Possible
(via Marcus Mizelle for No Film School)
All laid out in alphabetical order.

The Movie Chain Hoping to Steal Netflix Customers With Pizza and Beer
(via Felix Gillette for Bloomberg Businessweek)
Pizza and beer? Take our money, Tim League.

How The Revenant Went From ‘Living Hell’ to Worldwide Hit (via Kevin Lincoln for Vulture)
People expected Leo’s movie to win Oscars. They didn’t expect it to make money.

We Asked Industry Insiders: How Can Hollywood Really Fix Its Inclusion Problem? (via Jason Bailey for Flavorwire)
The only real solution to #OscarsSoWhite is to start from the top down.


A video worth watching

How lateral movement changes your perception of a character (via Now You See It)

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