So the stock market may have crashed this week, but know what didn’t crash? Our love of interesting entertainment industry-related news and web writing! So we’ve collected some of the week’s best reads below for you to peruse (and take your mind off your imploding 401k). Keep your chin up, your kids will do just fine without college!


Good Reads for the week of August 24, 2015

In Conversation: Quentin Tarantino (via Lane Brown for New York Magazine)
It’s the interview everyone’s been talking about! (Read it, though. It’s real good.)

Alex Ross Perry Is Living the Arrogant, Obnoxious Film-Student Dream (via Jordan Hoffman for Vanity Fair)
Aren’t we all?

How Do I Find A Director for my Screenplay? (via Scott Macaulay for Filmmaker Magazine)
So you want to write. And produce. Here’s how to find a person to yell “Action!”

TV Is Not the New Film, But It’s OK That Festivals Are Blurring the Lines
(via Justin Chang and Peter Debruge for Variety)
Should TV show episodes be screened at film festivals?

The Short-Form Film Moment (via Sean Uyehara for Keyframe)
How some filmmakers are finding more creative freedom making shorts.

We have proof that diversity sells movies – so why can’t all of Hollywood catch up?
(via Paula Young Lee for Salon)
Financial proof that studios can make money when they cast women and (gasp!) people of color!

7 Times Being Totally Cheap Resulted In Movie Magic (via Carolyn Burke for Cracked)
Sometimes a lower budget is a blessing in disguise. (We said sometimes.)


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