It’s a quiet day in the SAGindie offices, what with the abundance of film festivals kicking off this weekend/week. So as you psyche yourself up for this weekend’s return of Game of Thrones, stay literary-minded with these fascinating filmmaking articles from the past week.

Good Reads for the week of April 6, 2015

Interview: James B. Harris (via Nick Pinkerton for Film Comment)
An extensive interview with the veteran producer who shepherded Stanley Kubrick’s early films.

This Is What It’s Like to Be an Actor of Color During TV’s “Diversity Push” (via Aisha Harris for Slate)
What “color blind” casting actually looks like for the people auditioning.

The Budget Creature Feature: Ten Tips for Economical Horror Makeup and Practical Effects
(via Hiroshi Katagiri for MovieMaker Magazine)
How to make some scary-ass monsters without breaking the bank.

9 Tips for Maximizing Your Film’s Success on the Festival Circuit (via Josh Leake for Indiewire)
Tidbits of advice from the horse’s (film fest programmers’) mouth (mouths).

Ryan Gosling on Dreams, Detroit, and His Directorial Debut Lost River
(via Charlie Schmidlin for The Creators Project)
America’s Boyfriend talks about stepping behind the camera and dealing with harsh criticism.

When GoldenEye, Mission:Impossible Reinvented The Movie Trailer (via Scott Mendelson for Forbes)
A cool look at how movie trailer editing changed in the mid-’90s.

World of Tomorrow and Short Film in the YouTube Era (via Kevin Lincoln for Grantland)
A look at the ever-crossing-over-worlds of short film and new media.

10 Reasons to Make Indie Films (via Kentucker Audley for Medium)
Actor/director/smartass Kentucker Audley writes about becoming the next indie film superstar celebrity.


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