As you spend this Cinco de Mayo Weekend watching Mexican films but not French films (because Mexico beat the French in the Battle of Puebla – history!), you can also catch up on the week’s entertainment industry news, advice, think pieces, and features.


This Week’s Good Reads (Week of April 30, 2018)

The Best DIY Fake Blood Recipe (via AJ Detisch for StudioBinder)
Fake blood recipe for all your horror (or non-horror) filmmaking needs.

The Multitasker: How Big Fish Writer John August Made Hollywood Work For Him (via Dan Jackson for Thrillist)
Inside the ScriptNotes empire.

How to Deliver Your Film to a Festival (2018 Edition) (via Sergio Andrés Lobo-Navia for Filmmaker Magazine)
Get those deliverables… delivered… the right way.

Meet the 25 Players Who Can Actually Get an Independent Movie Made (via Scott Roxborough for The Hollywood Reporter)
So maybe not the only 25 people who can get indies made, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have them on speed-dial.

Snapshots of a Set: The Importance of Dedicated Unit Still Photography for Your Production (via Greg Dyro for MovieMaker Magazine)
How else are you going to pose for that “director pointing at something in the distance with a serious look on their face” photo?

Pushing Deaf Storytelling Past the Tipping Point (via Naveen Kumar for ET Online)
The deaf actors bringing their experiences and talents to the screen.

How to apply for grants (via Marianna Schaffer for The Creative Independent)
Useful advice for any artist looking for funding.

Reagan’s bastard children: the lost teens of 1980s American indie films (via Christina Newland for Sight & Sound)
John Hughes may have cornered the teen movie market in the ’80s, but there were a lot more indie-centric stuff out there too.


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SAGindie’s May ’18 Movie Picks
What films made your must-see list for this month?


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AI meets Honest Trailers. AKA an Honest Trailer written by a robot. (via Screen Junkies)

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