This week kicked off with 4/20, so we find it only appropriate that we forgot to put together a list of the week’s best film-related articles.
Just kidding. {Laugh} {Cough} {Laugh} {Wheeze}

Good Reads for the week of April 20, 2015

7 Revelations That Came Out of Harvey Weinstein’s Tribeca Talk (via David Canfield for Indiewire)
An inside joke 60 pages into the Good Will Hunting script landed him the project. (Being Harvey Weinstein probably helped).

The Strange Experience of Having My Memoir Turned Into a Movie (via Stephen Elliott for Vulture)
The Adderall Diaries memoirist talks about a very odd experience that most of us will never have (at least not until Professionally Independent: The SAGindie Story airs on IFC).

How Applying Shark Tank Principles to Your Acting Career Will Make You Successful
(via Jennifer Rudolph for Stage32)
How actors should sell themselves like a product (but not in a creepy casting-couch kind of way).

What Dogme 95 did for women directors (via Judy Berman for The Dissolve)
How Lars von Trier’s indie film movement was more feminist than you think.

Study: Female Directors Face Strong Bias in Landing Studio Films (via Cynthia Littleton for Variety)
No, not surprising. But yes, still a bummer.


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How ’bout you? Read anything good this week?


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