Ah, the pre-holiday, pre-Sundance run-up slowdown!

Every year, right before Thanksgiving, the industry’s gears grind to a halt, as Hollywood takes a much needed breather from fall TV scheduling and holiday release pattern wrangling. Aging stars take this opportunity to hit up Dr. 90210 for a much-needed botox session. Suits all over town head for Montana and Idaho to nurse hot toddies and count their money. Hungover assistants take over the world – until January, that is.

Soon enough, of course, it will be Oscar mud-slinging campaign time. Pilot season also twinkles on the far horizon, beckoning to droves of commercial actors from across the land. And, of course, Sundance will be sucking all the oxygen out of the air before you know it.

But until then, let’s enjoy the lack of news. Let’s forget about Sumner Redstone, and Lindsay Lohan, and the Weinstein’s Blockbuster Video deal. Let’s go to the movies, and get drunk with our friends, and do it with our significant others. Let’s take a break, too.

Don’t worry: Defamer will still be here when you get back. The Oscars will manage their slide into irrelevance just fine without you looking over their shoulder all winter. And, perhaps best of all, you’ve got the inevitable TomKat divorce to look forward to. Until then, have a drink on us, and enjoy this roundup of Friday Filler:

– From The Hollywood Reporter: Seems music plays an important part in indie films!

– From Variety: John Carpenter continues to sell out sell off his franchises. Next up – The Thing!

– From Defamer: Jerry Bruckheimer is (allegedly) a schmuck!

– From the indispensable (snicker!) IMDb indie site: A flame war has broken out amongst the message board Illuminati!

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